Sten Havumaki

MacLachlan Cocktail Table
Awarded Best in Show for Contemporary Design by the Providence Fine Furnishings Show in 2011. "I find that commissions and collaborations often inspire original designs and elegant solutions I would have otherwise never thought of. This table design came about as a commission from a Connecticut couple who wanted a piece to blend with their existing furniture. I saw how versatile the simple design was and how it could be a successful production piece. In some ways it's a diversion from my typical work, but I love the simplicity of the form; how spare and light it is. The graceful curving lines are contained nicely within the faint edges of the thick glass top." Base dimensions: 14"H x 23"W x 34". Glass: 27" x 44" and .5" thick. Made to order in many wood species.

Butter Knives
New wooden knives made from hardwood scraps. Perfect for cheeses, peanut butter, pate, etc. They make great gifts. Available in cherry, oak, walnut, cedar, maple. $20 ea. $25 for the flame blackened cherry and painted handles. Shipping/handling $5.